Free Food Old Delhi

On a early morning stroll through Old Delhi I suddenly saw a large group of people squatting on the side of the street of Chandni Chowk and quickly putting food in their mouth. Another group of people was busy distributing the food and water as well as helping with some medical care on the street. Impressed by the routine handling of the whole procedure I approached a men with turban who seemed to be coordinating the whole activity. He told me that they are all volunteers and what I see is „Langar Seva“ / Free Food which they distribute every morning at different places in (Old) Delhi combined with basic health care services. Jointly we walked over to the patron of this Langar Seva, Mr Kamaljeet Singh, whose father – Bhai Trilochan Singh Panesar – was a well known social worker in India. His father’s approach of serving the starving homeless a free meal a day (roti, rice, daal and tea) is been carried on by him and his team who claim not to be an organization but just a group of likeminded people. Charity lives on! Half an hour later all actors involved – homeless people and volunteers – were gone and business resumed as usual in the hectic of Chandni Chowk! Enjoy the pics!


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